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With 250 km of unparalleled coastline, Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands. Well-known for the warm local hospitality and its numerous graphical villages with traditional houses.

When planning your visiting routes, you shoudn’t skip Mellisanis Cave, the archaelogical museum of Argostoli and the colorful little village Assos.

A sip of the local wine will delight your tasting senses and the great traditional recipes will just level up your food taste!

Let us take you on a journey around the island, including monadical places like Fiskardo, Foki, Agia Efimia, Argostoli, Sami, Koutsoupia, Antisamos and Poros!


Kalamos - Kastos

The two little islands are situated southeast of Lefkada and just a mile away of Mitikas. Their names are Kalamos and Kastos, and they belong to the Tilevoides complex.

With only a handful of polite residents, these places have been kept unspoiled and are perfect to enjoy a calm weekend, away from fast city pace and stress.

Imagine the scheme of outstanding pebble beaches with dense pinewood that reaches the sea! Plain paradise!


Atokos is one of the Echinades islands and is located north-east of Ithaca.

A unique destination that consists of wild animals and a traditional small orthodox chapel.

The island remains uninhabited and is known for the turquoise waters, the white rock formations and the dense vegetation.


Ithaca should be on everyone’s wish-list! You are welcome to explore the traditional villages, the trails in the woods, and the caves combined with a breathtaking view! The coastline/shore/coast (of Ithaca) will amaze you.

To ideal way to approach and discover the peaceful hideouts requires a private boat, as they can’t be accessed through the land.

The clear water in junction with the outstanding seafloor create the ideal conditions for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

You can’t miss some of the best beaches in Greece, like Gidaki, Afales, Sarakiniko and Marmagas.

The ports that stand out are Vathi, the capital of the island, the picturesque Kioni and Frikes.

Pick a bay and spend your night on your sailing boat to enjoy the starry summer sky!


Its name originates from cape Lefkada, which means “White Island”, which is situated in the southern edge of the island and is related to Sappho’s suicide from the ancient greek mythology.

Lefkas is located in the center of Ionion sea and is considered as one of the best sailing districts in Greece!

The weather conditions are ideal to enjoy sailing  or swimming in one secluded bay. Enjoy some of the loveliest beaches in the world like Porto Katsiki and Egremni, or calm down in any of the isolated bays!

While being in the area, only a couple of hours away distance, you should visit Scorpios and Meganisi! They should be in any visitor’s Ionion Sea to-do list!

In Lefkas, you’ll never get bored! The variety of things to explore, begins with intense nightlife, colourfull villages like Syvota and Agios Nikitas, tasteful traditional food and, of course, magnificent beaches in a blink of an eye distance! Lagkadaki, Ayofilli, Kathisma, Pefkoulia are only some of them!


Meganisi is the literally translated “Big Island” in greek. A small natural gem of unparalleled beauty is waiting for tourists that want to relax and calm.

The island consists of three main villages Vathi, Spartochori and Katomeri, as well as many uninhabited bays that you can anchor. Fill your eyesight with stars at night, beacuse the lack of nearby electricity makes the night sky just dreamy!

Explore the north side of Meganisi where countless fiords are formed but also pay a visit to Papanikolis Cave with the little beach inside it!

Tourism opportunities are not welcome to the island, and that makes Meganisi a well kept secret.


Paxi - Antipaxi

Paxi is the smallest of Ionian islands and it is in plural form in greek.

Paxi is a love at first sight whichever angle you look at it! As you approach Gaios, the main town, you can see a natural port that is created by islets Agios Nikolaos and Panagia.

Green and blue are the only colors you will come across. You will never get bored of swimming in these waters, while enjoying the natural shadow of olive trees. The only thing that separates the blue sea from the flora are the small beaches that appear between them.

Despite the increse of tourism the place is still kept untouched, as it was when the Romans conquerors lived there.

Lakka is a great shelter crafted by nature inside a bay, that no storm can disturb its calmness. For fresh fish visit Loggos, which is situated in the northeast part of Paxoi. A traditional fishing Ionian village with a nice gravel beach.

Antipaxi is partly inhabited. The place is full of vineyards and is known for the production of quality wines!

Numerous beaches are worth visiting but we can distinguish Voutoumi and Vrika. The beach pattern is everywhere the same, but you can just can’t get enough of it. White round shingle which keeps sunshine and water that you can see the seabed, making every beach a place worth to photograph.

But the experience can’t be described with pictures, that’s why sailing is the best way to enjoy beaches like Sarakiniko, Rodovani, Glyfada, Monodendri and many many more!