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Paxi - Antipaxi

Paxi is the smallest of Ionian islands and it is in plural form in greek.

Paxi is a love at first sight whichever angle you look at it! As you approach Gaios, the main town, you can see a natural port that is created by islets Agios Nikolaos and Panagia.

Green and blue are the only colors you will come across. You will never get bored of swimming in these waters, while enjoying the natural shadow of olive trees. The only thing that separates the blue sea from the flora are the small beaches that appear between them.

Despite the increse of tourism the place is still kept untouched, as it was when the Romans conquerors lived there.

Lakka is a great shelter crafted by nature inside a bay, that no storm can disturb its calmness. For fresh fish visit Loggos, which is situated in the northeast part of Paxoi. A traditional fishing Ionian village with a nice gravel beach.

Antipaxi is partly inhabited. The place is full of vineyards and is known for the production of quality wines!

Numerous beaches are worth visiting but we can distinguish Voutoumi and Vrika. The beach pattern is everywhere the same, but you can just can’t get enough of it. White round shingle which keeps sunshine and water that you can see the seabed, making every beach a place worth to photograph.

But the experience can’t be described with pictures, that’s why sailing is the best way to enjoy beaches like Sarakiniko, Rodovani, Glyfada, Monodendri and many many more!