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Speedboat Training

Our goal is to train you how to operate your boat with confidence and security!

The essential course of study includes both theoretical and practical lessons.

Theory classes are held in our new facilities in the marina of Patras and comprehend:

  • Seamanship
  • Speedboat - Powerboat Handling
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Colregs)
  • Lights and Buoys
  • Map (coordinates - positioning - course)
  • Signals (Risk - Audio - Bright)
  • Visual Aids to Navigation
  • Safety Equipment (life jackets - flares - fire extinguishers)

The practical classes take place in the harbour of Patras’ marina and include:

  • Approaches (side berthing, go stern , bow mooring)
  • Collecting Castaway
  • Educational Evening Navigation
  • Nautical knots

For your participation in the examinations of the port authority needs the following documents:

  1. Validated photocopy patent car / motorcycle or the prescribed examinations of physician and ophthalmologist
  2. Three (3) recent passport photographs
  3. Photocopy of identity
  4. Affidavit in Port. Click here to download it

We undertake to submit the documentation to the Port Authority.

After you obtain your diploma, we will be happy to help you by solving your questions at any time!

Test yourself with a matching test exam papers:

Test Question 20

Tests with all the multiple choice questions

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